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Great For Exercise And Stress Relief

Ever want to just decompress and relax with something to fidget with? Our StickBall™ is great to help you relax after a stressful day at work or school.

Throw them at the ceiling and watch as they stick before falling back down to catch them. All balls contain some filler to ensure they have good grip and balance when throwing.


Perfect For Friends And Family

Do you have a friend who is often stressed or bored? Gift them the StickBall™ to help them relax and put them to ease! 

The StickBall™ helps keep the blood flowing and puts your mind off stress factors. 

Please Note

 Please rinse with water and wipe dry before playing for the first time. If the ball is dirty, flushing with water will restore the viscosity.

How Is The StickBall™ Made?

These are our new silicone-based balls that stick to walls, but don't leave sticky residue behind. This is 100% safe for ALL surfaces and won't cause any paint issues with walls and flooring.

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