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The mask that you can wear on multiple occasions!

You don't have to fully dress-up to get along this Halloween Season. This Halloween LED Mask will definitely top-up your total Halloween dress that will strikingly stand out from the crowd!

This LED mask is made of durable PVC material powered by 2 AA batteries with a low power consumption that you can use for more than 24 hours straight. It is a full-faced mask that contains glued foam on the inside of the mask to guarantee a comfortable wearing. The light of the mask has an electroluminescent film that won't heat when using on longer hours. Available on eight vivid colors!


How does it work?

The LED Face Mask has power controller that you can pack on your pocket or onto your clothing with 3 enticing light effect modes:

  • Steady Light
  • Slow Flash
  • Fast Fast 

The light of the mask has no UV that will not affect your eyes, while the light effect modes are safe and will not cause eye tension or eye fatigue. 


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